5 Engagement Parties Ideas with a BANG

Wedding RingsWeddings are all about a couple’s friends and families witnessing, acknowledging and supporting the union. This makes the engagement party the beginning of that group celebration and the first time everyone who will be at the wedding gathers together.

Traditionally the engagement party was organised and even hosted by the parents of the bride-to-be. Things have changed a bit since then though and it is now common for the couple themselves to organise the event or even a close friend.

Unlike other celebrations such as work parties or birthdays many of the people attending will not have met each other before. A party that offers something a little different can help to break the ice for your guests, get them to know each other and ultimately bring everyone closer together.

These five engagement party ideas will certainly give your guests something to talk about and really spark the beginning of the wedding festivities.

 Private Dining

If your priority is for everyone to get to know each other better then booking a restaurant with private dining is a great way to provide an intimate and relaxed celebration. Private dining venues give you the luxury and ambience of a gourmet restaurant without your party being spread out amongst other patrons.

With a private dining room all your guests know that everyone else is either a friend or family member of the couple and can more freely engage in conversation. The unique and interesting menu of a gourmet restaurant is also a great conversation starter.


A theme party is a great way to express the couple’s personality and give guests, who may only know one of them as an individual, an idea of what they are like as a couple. The theme could revolve around a shared interest or passion. It could also be representative of how they met.

A couple that met at university might go with a college theme. If they met on holiday they might opt for a tropical theme. A cinema themed party would be ideal for a pair of movie buffs. Or there might simply be a historical period they are both infatuated with such as the 1920’s. Who doesn’t like flappers?

Unique Venue

If you want to go a little further in creating an engagement party to remember you could choose a really unique venue. An evening barbeque at the beach, a marquee buffet on the grounds of a castle or even a big picnic in a scenic part of the countryside.

While this option will certainly give everyone something to remember, consider it will likely involve organising transport and possibly accommodation. Also, make sure you don’t out do the wedding ceremony itself.

At Home

It might not be as thrilling as some of the other ideas but it is certainly intimate and again, gives guests a greater sense of who the pair are as a couple. With photos of friends, family and holidays on display as well as personal decorations, everyone will have plenty to discuss about the couple.

We mentioned above that the parents of the bride traditionally organise and host the party. If the couple are originally from the same area but live in a distant city, having the party in the family home can be a great way to let friends see where they have come from as well as making things easier for older family members that live nearby.


If you want to go all out you can always use your engagement party as an excuse for a holiday abroad. Paris and Venice are the classic cities of romance but other notable capitals such as Vienna, Rome and New York will also set the scene for a fantastic engagement party.

However, you could go off the beaten track and visit the vineyards of the Dalmatian coast or rent a chateau in the French alps. Just remember that if you decide to go abroad, while the party will no doubt be memorable, not everyone will be able to make it.

photo credit: ilovebutter via photopin cc