BANG Restaurant as Featured in Life Magazine (Sunday Independent)

For those of you who read The Sunday Independent, you may have seen BANG being mentioned in the newspaper’s magazine, Life.

Although they didn’t define us as being Dublin’s best restaurant, they did say that we were a ‘high-end kitchen’.

BANG featured in The Sunday Independent's Life magazine

The snippet in the magazine describes us as being a “smart-casual fine dining” restaurant. This statement cannot be denied:

Our semi-private and private dining rooms are perfect to cater for any occasion, allowing for the catering of large groups.  When you choose to dine in our private areas you have the option of the following:

  • Scott Talllon private room — Described as one of the most stunning rooms in the city, this private dining area can hold up to 44 guests seated or 55 standing. It is the ideal location for corporate meetings due to the privacy and discretion it offers guests.
  • The Mezzanine — Looking out over Merrion Row, The Mezzanine has an ‘alfresco’ feel with wall-to-wall picture windows which open out onto the street. If you enjoy peering into the kitchen while your food is being prepared, then this is the perfect room for you.
  • The Bar — If you prefer a more relaxed environment then you should opt for The Bar. It can hold more guests compared to the Scott Tallon room or The Mezzanine with 60 people seated or 75 standing.  The Bar can also be cleared of furniture to make for a great dance floor.

Most of all, for our private diners, you have the option to either choose your own menu or select from our range of group menus.