Guest review- Lunch- 3.10.15

3rd October, 2015

Dear Sarah,

We would love to know what you thought of your visit to Bang.

Did we anticipate your needs, make you feel comfortable and cared for? Yes – nice touch to ask us between courses if we were pressed for time – as an “office team lunch” we technically were on our “lunchbreak” – but once we were there, we were all that bit more relaxed & happy to take our time & enjoy the experience.

Can we pass on a message to Niall, our Chef? Compliments to the chef! All courses were delicious! Black pudding was amazing – beef main was beautiful – chocolate cake dessert to die for (to name just a few)!! Table of 14/16 – as organiser there was a lot of pressure to ensure everyone was happy! I got a firm thumbs up J

Did you enjoy the atmosphere? Lovely atmosphere for a Friday afternoon – nice, bright, airy décor & vibe to the restaurant

We try hard to deliver an enjoyable experience, did you feel it was good value? Very much so as our group booking availed of the 2 for €26 lunch menu deal! (although we didn’t quite stick to it, with ordering some desserts & coffees etc – but not the restaurants fault!!)

What 3 things would you change if you owned Bang? More offers for repeat customers on mailing list etc. I’ve been a couple of times with my husband – as a result I got the emailed offer through to my personal email and booked Bang for our team lunch – you now have another 15 new satisfied clients who will most definitely be back & will spread the word of their experience in Bang.You’re welcome J J J

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