Passionate BANG

Recently during a video shoot we did at BANG, it struck me that this is a great place of passion! I know that statement could be considered a bit risqué given the name of our lovely restaurant, but passion was definitely the word that came to mind at the end of the evening as we closed the doors and sat down, having seen our happy and contented guests off the premises for the night.

We had invited some groups of people to BANG, promised them an evening of food and wine in exchange for appearing in our video. We were a little anxious that strangers, as they were to each other in most cases, might appear stilted and staged in our video. Finishing touches had just been completed on an exciting refurbishment and the place looked great, tables set, glassware polished- we were ready.

The Gallery, Private Dining Room

Guests arrived a little trepid and were seated, wet coats whisked out of sight. Wine glasses filled and very soon as the chatter, laughter and buzz built, the rooms were filled with tantalizing smells as course after course flowed from Phil’s kitchen.

Warming, Roast Butternut Squash Soup, Clare Island Salmon and Fivemiletown Goat’s Cheese was followed by Smoked Wicklow Venison Loin with earthy Beetroot and Chocolate Jus, Hereford Prime Striploin Steak, Kilkeel Harbour Cod and mouth watering 14 hour Slow Cooked Beef.

We were hitting all the marks in the holy trinity of our business, namely fabulous food, wine and service, but it struck me that passion had won the day- the passion of our people for what they do. Philip, our Head Chef, who is entirely dedicated to creating each dish using the most local and freshest ingredients he can source. Carmel, our General Manager has a constant finger on the pulse of BANG and drills each and every staff member in service and anticipation of guest’s needs and demonstrates this daily herself. From the choices made in only buying wine from small family-business, artisan wine makers to every member of staff in front of guests and behind the scenes, passion for what we do, is what drives us here at BANG.

We needn’t have been concerned at all as it turned out- our video night was a huge success. Donning coats and retrieving umbrellas, our guests had totally forgotten how they had arrived, windswept and disheveled from a wintery Dublin night and enjoyed a most unexpected evening!