A Review of BANG Restaurant by Tom Doorley

“It was one of the two or three best steaks that have ever passed my lips….”

Steak & Mushrooms at BANG Restaurant, Dublin 2
We are delighted to have received a rave review from Tom Doorley in a recent edition of the Irish Daily Mail.

The whole team here at BANG and chef Nial O’Sullivan are feeling very pleased with ourselves having read the article. We’ve included some of our favourite excerpts below and if you are interested in reading the whole thing you can do so here and here.

”Very good indeed: honest, thoughtful, delightful.”

“This may be the best value lunch in Dublin.”

“Thoughtful cooking, a clever twist but no showing off. Confident food.”

“The cooking was exceptional.”

“The rib-eye was sensational. That’s the only word. So often beef, even well brought-up beef, aged properly, just doesn’t taste sufficiently of itself. This was steak with the taste turned up – Spinal Tap style – to 11.”

“The chocolate mousse and caramel ice cream was even better than that sounds. Each, to quote the great food writer Kurnonsky, tasted intensely of itself.”

“But the pièce de resistance, snapping at the heels of that steak, was a coconut cream and rhubarb granite with a blood orange jelly that was a symphony of flavours and textures. This is no mean feat.”

“It’s refreshing to find a restaurant that takes wine so seriously and which offers so much by the glass.”

We hope that you agree with Tom’s review & if you’ve never visited BANG please come and check it out for yourself. You can make a booking on our site & leave your own review should you wish to on TripAdvisor