What Not to Forget when Booking a Restaurant for a Large Group

You’ve taken on the responsibility for organising dinner for a large group. Maybe it’s for a reunion, a wedding, an anniversary or a work related event. You set out to book a restaurant and suddenly realise there are so many things to take account of that you hadn’t thought of before.

We’ll take a look at some of the things you should keep mind when you are booking a restaurant for a large group. Some are relatively straightforward but others might take a bit of research. It is usually worth the extra effort if you want to make sure it is a night everyone remembers.

Large Group Booking at BANG

Different Tastes

Variety is the spice of life as they say and nothing adds more spice than a menu designed to accommodate different palates. You won’t find out what everyone in a large group likes or dislikes so you need to make sure there is enough variety in the menu to please everyone.

You should also be aware of the possible dietary requirements of guests. There are likely to be a number of vegetarians in any group as well as a number of people with gluten allergies. Be sure to check that the location caters for these requirements. The event will always be more fun when everyone can enjoy it together.

Wine List

A good restaurant will always have a wine list that complements their menu. As with different tastes in food people will have different tastes in wine. However, with a large group you don’t want everyone to be overwhelmed with options.

Try to find a balance between a wine list with enough options to suit everyone’s tastes and a list with a reasonable number of options.

Mood and Atmosphere

Just as important as the food, is getting the right ambiance for your group booking. The right atmosphere enhances the effects of a delicious meal and determines how much everyone enjoys themselves. You want everyone to remember not just how wonderful the food was but also how relaxed and pleasant the event was.

Bright, crisp and clean is always a great starting point. Look for the subtle touches in decor that suggest the restaurant pays particular attention to detail. These are the elements that your guests will notice during the meal and remember long after.

Private Dining Options

When booking a restaurant for large groups consider what private dining options are available. It is often more pleasant for a large group to have their own space to mingle in rather than being spread out amongst other patrons.

Group & Tasting Menus

So you can get on with getting to know one another or getting reacquainted a Group Menu or Tasting Menu can make things simpler when it comes to food choices for large groups. Getting everyone sitting down and eating at the same time is tricky with a large group.


You naturally want a high level of service for your group event. Wait staff should be attentive while giving everyone the space to relax with one another.

It is also important with large groups that the wait staff can handle a group of that size. It is worth visiting a restaurant to see how staff handle busy periods and large groups before you make your booking.


It is very important to book well in advance. Particularly around weekends and holidays, when you are booking for a large group you do not want to wait until the last minute only to find that your preferred option is already booked out.