Hiring the Right Venue for Your Event

Whether you were assigned the task, took it upon yourself or even begged to be put in charge you probably soon realised that organising a party or event, big or small, can be a challenge.

It might be the office Christmas party, maybe you are promoting a new clothing label or you want to celebrate a close friend’s anniversary, whatever the reason for the event you want it to be special, for everyone to have a great time and to remember what a great time they had.

Hiring the right venue is a critical part of organising any party or event. The right venue can make all the difference in how well your party turns out. Here are some questions to keep in mind when choosing the venue for your event.

Is this the Right Location?

A central location is generally a safe bet. You want everyone to be able to get to the venue and get home relatively easily. Try to make sure it is close to transport links. Also consider if it is close to accommodation should people decide to stay nearby or if they are coming in from out of town for the event.

While you want the location to be convenient that shouldn’t come at the expense of choosing an exciting, fashionable spot. A diner next to the motorway might be the easiest place for everyone to get to but no one is going to get dressed up to go there.

How Big is Too Big?

Obviously you want to make sure that the venue you choose is big enough for all of your guests. However, it can be quite easy to choose too large a venue. You might find a hotel offers you a deal on a large ball room or function room because they have no bookings.

Such a room might look elegant and lavish but even if you have 200 guests, when the room is designed for 600 it will feel empty, creating an impersonal atmosphere. Your ideal venue should be intimate with just enough space for people to move around and mingle.

What’s on the Menu?

Variety and quality are the two factors you should keep in mind when deciding what your guests will eat.

Variety ensures that whatever their tastes, the majority of your guests will find something they like. Remember, there will likely be vegetarians in the group as well as some with food allergies or other dietary requirements. Gourmet restaurants can typically facilitate such an encompassing menu.

Quality in a menu is what ensures your guests enjoy and remember their night out. A menu may be broad enough to suit all of your guests but if the food is bland or poorly prepared it will only undermine all of your other planning efforts. Again, a gourmet restaurant will typically be able to provide the best in both quality and variety.

Is this a Good Time?

The date of your party may be broadly determined by another key event as with a bridal shower, an engagement party, a retirement do or a launch party but checking the calendar before you settle on a specific date can potentially save you a lot of heartache.

You will be amazed at the number of seasonal events that you will completely forget about when you are focused on organising your event. Mother’s day, Father’s day and Valentine’s day all typically result in fully booked restaurants.

The months leading up to Christmas are also difficult to get a booking and this is even extending into the month after Christmas as many businesses opt to have their party when things are a little quieter.

Remember too that there are certain times of year when most people go on holiday. Be sure that the date you choose is convenient to as many people attending as possible.

And remember, book your venue well in advance.

See for Yourself

Once you have narrowed the venue down to four or five choices take a day to go visit each of them. This is the only way to really be sure that they meet your requirements. If you can go when the venue is full this will give you a much better sense of the venue’s real ambiance and atmosphere.

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