Your Corporate Event or Business Meeting

The Importance of Choosing the Right Venue for your Corporate Event or Business Meeting

There are few people who cannot be won over by a delicately prepared meal. The effect of a sumptuous meal on our senses is irresistible. Who is not more amenable after a delicious dish?

There is a good reason why the business lunch and the corporate dinner are such an important part of how many businesses operate. Sharing a meal with someone is a great way to get to know them. When that meal is exquisite and the atmosphere refined, these positive associations colour the relationship.

A business dining event can really make all the difference in closing a deal or bringing on a new client. That is why it is so important not to overlook the little details when you are choosing the location for your business meal.


  1. If food was not an important part of the equation you could have your business meetings at the park or in the office. Good food makes us more relaxed, allowing us to get to know one another more easily. If there is one thing we can all agree on it is good food.
  2. Carefully prepared food with unique and interesting ingredients also makes a great conversation point. Even the stiffest of conversations quickly loosens up when an exquisitely prepared dish is laid out in front of everyone.
  3. To really get the most out of business meals, a fine dining experience is a must. Going that little bit further to provide a client with a sophisticated meal will speak volumes about your dedication to the relationship.
  4. It is worth considering the menu before you select a restaurant. Your client may have particular dietary requirements. A menu should be varied enough to accommodate for a variety of different tastes or food allergies.
  5. If you are organizing a large corporate event you may want to consider options for set menus. Where large numbers are involved a group menu can help to keep things simple and provide a fine dining experience without breaking the bank.


  1. Where delicious food is served the ambiance should always complement the food. You wouldn’t order haute cuisine at a fast food restaurant just as you would not order a hot dog in an elegant dining room.
  2. It also factors into the impression you want to convey to your clients. An excessively decadent décor may be off-putting or even overwhelming to some people. Equally, a very informal setting may imply indifference. An atmosphere of elegant simplicity will typically appeal to most people.
  3. Service is a critical part of the atmosphere in any restaurant. An attentive waiting staff that knows when to give patrons space to talk business is important especially for this type of event. A restaurant that is frequented by business people, having business meetings is very likely to have this level of service.
  4. It is always worth visiting a potential location, particularly for a corporate event, in advance to get a feel for the atmosphere. You want your guests to feel at ease, to get to know each other while still retaining enough formality that discussion can naturally move to business topics.
  5. Hiring a venue or a private dining room provides you with extra privacy and a degree of exclusivity.

Mezzanine Dining Room



For corporate functions you really do not want to inconvenience anyone by having the meal anywhere other than a very central location. Consider where the guests work and find an equidistant location. Try to find a location that will not be far from people’s normal work commute.